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Brian Brumfield new DC Hurst

Brian Brumfield has been appointed to the District Coordinator position for DDC 4 Hurst. We look forward to working with him!

DRO-Alternate for District 4 Hurst Appointed 08/31/2014

Hello, I am William Newman Jr., WL9N.

I moved to Weatherford/Parker County with my family in July 2013, having recently completed a 31-year law enforcement career in the Chicago Metro area – retiring as a ‘Police Commander’. Among my staff assignments were responsibilities relating to Emergency Management – with liaison to departments and agencies at all levels of government. In recent years I completed a Master’s Degree in ‘Emergency and Disaster Management’, and also attained State Accreditation as an ‘Illinois Professional Emergency Manager’.

In the last four years I have held a parallel post in the Illinois State RACES as the ‘Deputy Region 4 RACES Officer’ - which involved service responsibility for three N/E Illinois Counties to include the City of Chicago – an area comprising over 60% of the State’s population. In this position I regularly dealt with the important issues that often face volunteers – as well as those of the served agencies and partners.

I have always had a passion for communications…from memories of building my first simple red wire-spun crystal radio in 2nd grade in the Chicago Public Schools…to later living only 10-minutes away from a retail Heathkit store which I often visited - and as a child dreamed of someday building a Heathkit SB-101 SSB CW Transceiver if I could only save up a $150.

Since the 9/11 attacks - I have completed numerous DHS/FEMA sponsored courses involving operations and administrative skills, which include COMT - and the completion of my Taskbook to become one of the 36 currently Certified All-Hazards Type III COML’s within Illinois. In 2008 I became a certified driver/operator of the American Red Cross - ‘Emergency Communications Response Vehicle’ (ECRV) – which were recently decommissioned due to age. I have also completed all of the ARRL Emergency Communications level courses since 2005, have been designated an ‘ARRL Official Emergency Station’, and was a member of a local ARES unit with a personal fondness for digital communications.

I am now very pleased to accept this important responsibility within Texas State RACES. In my professional life - I have become all too familiar with the need to prepare for the various man-made or natural disasters that can potentially disrupt the widespread functioning of our communities and everyday life. For that reason I strongly believe in the role we play here in North Texas – and that through our preparedness activities we can stand ready to provide necessary services to the State in a time of need.

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