About Texas State RACES

About your DRO for District 4 Hurst

Hello, I am Jerry Buxton, NØJY.

I have been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1972.  You may have noticed the zero call, I moved to Texas from "up north" in 1996.
I am active in many aspects of amateur radio; Skywarn, RACES, Winlink including HF Pactor III equipment and my RMS Packet Gateway N0JY-10, D-STAR voice and digital data, satellite operations, and my participation as systems engineer in the Fox-1 satellite program with AMSAT, to name a few.

I joined Texas State RACES in 2007 while living in Springtown (Wise County CLO-Alt), and my XYL KD5FCQ and I moved to Granbury in 2010 where I became the County Liaison Officer for Hood County. I played a key role in establishing Hood County RACES and fostering participation in EOC drills with Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant.
In September 2013 I was nominated for the DRO 4 Hurst position, a new district brought about by the realignment of Texas State RACES in spring of 2013.

Professionally, I recently retired from BNSF Railway in Fort Worth where I worked in Network Control Systems as senior manager of the Dispatch QA Team where we developed, maintained, and tested software used by the train dispatchers covering the approximately 32,000 miles of railroad. I worked for 38 years having stated with Rock Island Railroad in 1974 then on to Santa Fe in 1979 and through the merger with Burlington Northern in 1995 to BNSF.

I am very happy to have the time and opportunity to work for Texas RACES here in North Texas.  I believe that we have an important role to fill for the State of Texas and are in a position to provide excellent communications skills as a resource when we are called upon. Having been the CLO in a county with a nuclear power plant next door, my relationship with the RRO and State are strong as we have worked together many times over the past 3 1/2 years during the recurring drills held with Comanche Peak.

I look forward to working with all of you, the District 4 Hurst CLOs and CLO alternates.  I hope to foster open communications within our district and to help you with the information, training, and resources we need to build a strong team and serve our fellow citizens.
This website is new and I intend to continue work on it to provide District 4 Hurst units easy access to news, information, and resources.